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Session Speakers Experience Format
CSS That Scales with React Edward Irby
Devsigner Workflow. 10 tools that make Designer to Developer Communication easy! Cesar Jimenez
DIY Documentary Chris Martin
Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Images Jessica Tate
Five Steps to Becoming a Better Devsigner Peter Ramsing
Front-end workflow automation Erik Baldwin
Integrating Pattern Lab Prototyping into a CMS Build Evan Lovely
My Name is Not Diversity or How to Mentor Outside Your Comfort Zone Letta Raven
Online Accessibility for People with Disabilities: Social Media Review Eliza Greenwood
Overcoming Imposter Syndrome Dan Linn
Panel: Code school confidential Darius Capizzi
Panel: Code school confidential Joseph Karasek
Panel: Code school confidential Jill Kuchman
Panel: Code school confidential Cesar Jimenez
Planning for the Best: a Process Rubric for a Successful Front End Dan Manchester
Prototyping: Keeping It Real Kyle Hinze
Rapid Prototyping for iOS Without Code Sam Ingle
Road Runner Rules: More what you'd call Guidelines for Design Systems Micah Godbolt
Static Fanatics: Tips on Developing Static Sites with Jekyll Eric Paxton
Taking control of the Browser Security Model Dylan Tack
The Accidental Project Manager Darren Petersen
Think Like An Artist Bryan Ohno
What is Modular CSS? Scott Vandehey