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The Accidental Project Manager

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Whether a freelancer or a member of a team, many of us find we're tasked with project management, estimation, communication with clients - responsibilities that go far beyond our chosen professions of design or development.

You start out doing what you love to do, but this other stuff is needed to ensure you get paid, or that there's more work next time, or that your boss is happy.

The problem is, you don't have any training to back up your new responsibility. Congratulations! You're an accidental project manager.

This session will address some of the needs you have managing your own projects, or handling those tasks you don't feel well prepared for. You'll learn tactics to ensure you can manage clients successfully and how to protect your projects from common pitfalls.

Session takeaways: 

1. Tactics to communicate better with clients.

2. Better ways to protect the success of their projects.

3. A list of risks to watch out for to keep their project safe.

Darren Petersen

Darren is a project manager for Lullabot, which means he has the opportunity to work with great people to build websites for people your mom has heard of, like Qualcomm, GE, the SyFy channel and MSNBC.

Starting out as a developer, Darren found he had a knack for talking to people, juggling spreadsheets and organizing work for the projects he was on. He became a project manager faster than his head could spin.

When Darren isn't managing projects, he spends time with his wife and kids, and plays a mean saxophone.