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Devsigner Workflow. 10 tools that make Designer to Developer Communication easy!

Designers and Developers have a very interesting relationship. They work together to bring beautiful concepts to life. But being able to communicate your idea to the people building it not always goes smoothly. So as a developer, here are some of the latest tools that have helped me significantly in understanding a designers vision and have totally changed the way this relationship works. These tools just makes things easy. Hope you find it as useful as I have!

Session takeaways: 

1. Tools of the trade (faster workflow and communication)

2. For developers, most important questions you can ask the designers at the beginning of an engagement.

3. For designers, deeper understanding of developer's point of view and concerns to more effectively communicate your ideas.

Cesar Jimenez

Cesar excels at building highly scalable web applications with solid architecture. An unyielding passion for engineering compliments his skill as an engaging educator. Cesar’s effectiveness stems from a relentless pursuit of knowledge in the latest technologies and processes. At the end of the day he understands that, beyond technology, it's all about people, and that's a powerful thing.