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Five Steps to Becoming a Better Devsigner

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Derived from the blog post I wrote (http://peter.coffee/fivesteps), this talk goes over some core principles that I've learned transitioning from a junior to a senior developer. Over the past few years I've learned from many developers and have gained some insights into developers and designers who really add value to organizations and those who really want to but can't seem to make it off the ground floor.

1. Everybody has a unique value to give to a team
2. Track your successes and your failures
3. Engage purposely, not spreading yourself too thin
4. Share what you learn...because then you'll know it better and so will someone else
5. Remain humble; always learning

Session takeaways: 

1. A security to be you and not always have to try to be someone else

2. Practical tools for tracking your growth

3. A freedom to dive deeper instead of wide

4. Creative (and cheap) ways to share what you learn with others

5. Inspiration to never ever stop learning in all areas of life!

Peter Ramsing

Focusing on frontend development, I am experienced in working on legacy codebases and the role that code has in propelling, or hindering, business goals. As a maintainer of the largest grid framework for PostCSS, LostGrid, I also have had the privilege of working with and learning from amazing developers from all over the globe every single day.