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Online Accessibility for People with Disabilities: Social Media Review

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Delivering an accessible product has not traditionally landed at the top of the client’s wish list, but knowing how to code and design accessibly is more important now than ever before. Thanks to increasing numbers of expensive lawsuits and the growing aging population, if you want to stay ahead, you will need to know how to “bake-in” accessibility.

This session will provide an overview of recent legal trends and what to anticipate over the years to come, as well as real-world accessibility issues of social media channels.

Session takeaways: 

1. Basics to keep in mind when aiming for accessibility.

2. Tips and tricks for finding accessibility resources.

3. A sense of the impact code and design have on people with disabilities.

Eliza Greenwood
Eliza Greenwood

Eliza Greenwood is a freelance digital marketer and accessibility evangelist. This means she attends bleeding edge accessibility conferences, meeting developers and designers who are working on digital solutions that make the web accessible to people with disabilities, then working with clients to ensure accessible marketing. Eliza also examines social media use in this space, identifying opportunities for better accessibility and to keep a pulse on varying trends across channels.

When not working from home or out meeting clients and nurturing relationships with talent, Eliza enjoys hiking and tracking real estate with her wife and friends.