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Panel: Code school confidential

Slides and resources

Come learn from the experiences of code school graduates in Portland. Whether you're considering code school yourself or are an employer wondering what kinds of skills students learn, hear directly from those who have been through the process!

On the panel are code school graduates, code school instructors, and one person who went from being a graduate to an instructor.

Moderated by Ivan Boothe.

Session takeaways: 

1. Who code school is for, and how to be successful.

2. What to expect for job prospects as a code school graduate.

3. What, specifically, code school students learn and how they apply that knowledge in their careers.

Darius Capizzi
Darius Capizzi
I want to make things, I want to talk to people about making things. The smallest thing can be the most interesting, and occasionally the most important. I love a mystery and the feeling when it all comes together. Past instructor and tech support volunteer at FreeGeek. July 2016 graduate of Epicodus.
Joseph Karasek
Joseph Karasek
I'm a junior full stack web developer with a passion for cutting edge javascript. I graduated from Epicodus this summer and am launching my career as a web developer. While my portfolio is limited, I've worked on a range of projects from simple static sites to modern web apps using micro-services built with Google's Polymer and custom built REST API's.
Jill Kuchman
Jill Kuchman

I teach and contribute to the curriculum at Epicodus, working with students from a wide range of backgrounds to become effective problem solvers and programmers. I helped put together the C#/.NET curriculum for the program, and I am also a Spring 2015 graduate. I love making tech accessible to those who may not have had the fortune to grow up surrounded by it, and seeing tech grow into an increasingly diverse field.

Cesar Jimenez

Cesar excels at building highly scalable web applications with solid architecture. An unyielding passion for engineering compliments his skill as an engaging educator. Cesar’s effectiveness stems from a relentless pursuit of knowledge in the latest technologies and processes. At the end of the day he understands that, beyond technology, it's all about people, and that's a powerful thing.