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Rapid Prototyping for iOS Without Code

Using Xcode’s Interface Builder tool, we’ll walk through how to quickly prototype an iOS interface without writing a line of code.

The Interface Builder tool is incredibly powerful, and lets us build expressive designs without having to learn a programming language. In this session we’ll discuss and implement:

• Setting up a new iOS project
• Storyboards, and how to handle user flow
• Various system-provided views at your disposal
• Using Autolayout to build a design that's flexible for different device sizes (similar to responsive design in web design)
• Using Size Classes to build a design that reconfigures itself (similar to media queries for the CSS fluent)
• Using gestures and actions to handle user interaction
• Building for the iOS simulator on OS X

The format of the session is flexible, but typically I've given a brief (10-15m) introduction of the tools and vocabulary we'll be using, followed by a brief demo, then a hands on session where people can use the lessons learned to implement either an example app, or their own app idea.

What To Bring To The Session

• A Mac (running the most recent version of OS X that you can)
• Xcode (Available for free on the Mac App Store. If you've already got it installed, please update to the most recent version available)
• An idea for an app you'd like to prototype
• Graphical assets for an app you'd like to prototype (To get a sense for sizing, the iPhone 6s screen is 1334x750 pixels, the iPhone 6 plus is 1920x1080 pixels. Buttons and elements that users interact with should be no smaller than 88x88 pixels.)
• Note: If you don't have an app idea or time to create assets, I'll also be providing some sample assets that everyone can use.

Session takeaways: 

1. An understanding of the iOS tool kit

2. The ability to rapidly prototype ideas for iOS apps

3. The ability to contribute directly to iOS projects

Sam Ingle

I've been programming for iOS since it's been possible. More recently, I also co-founded an agency with a couple close friends and colleagues.