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Road Runner Rules: More what you'd call Guidelines for Design Systems

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Wouldn’t it be great if we could spend less time trying to style the markup we’ve been handed, and more time creating a system of smart, reusable design components?

Well, we’re in luck. With the increased popularity of pattern libraries and the proliferation of templating languages, we finally have the tools to create and deploy our own design systems.

But what is a design system, and how do we create them? What rules should it follow? How do I get my team on board?

In this talk I will be pulling wisdom and insight from my past two years of creating a design system for Redhat.com. I will explain what we call our “Road Runner Rules”, which influence every piece of code that we write.

Session takeaways: 

I’ll be covering topics such as:
What is a Visual Language
Single Responsibility Principle
Single Source of Truth
Single-selector CSS with BEM
Atomic Modular Design Systems
Style Guides
Pattern Libraries

Micah Godbolt

If there’s one thing that irks Developer Micah Godbolt, it’s doing something repetitively. That’s why he has become an expert in creating efficient, organized solutions. With proper planning and documentation, he is able to turn any code organization from a liability to an asset – quite helpful for a developer who creates responsive, mobile-first solutions using CSS, Sass, and JavaScript on a daily basis.

A regular code contributor and speaker at worldwide open source events, Micah is highly involved in teaching and training new developers, sometimes as a guest lecturer at local colleges. He leads a Sass and front-end meetup in Portland and publishes a weekly video blog called Sass Bites. Micah formerly worked at Lullabot and Fish Marketing.

Micah has a degree in Audio Production, which is fitting for this lifelong lover of listening to, playing, and producing music. He currently lives outside of Portland with his wife Julie, daughter Emery, and his soon-to-be son Rhys.