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Static Fanatics: Tips on Developing Static Sites with Jekyll

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It's typical that websites get made for an event, a marketing campaign or other temporary uses. Small sites typically don’t require as much power as a big CMS like Wordpress or Drupal.

Although static HTML and CSS can fill this need, they can be hard to update without duplicating a lot of work.

A static site generator or SSG can be used to write modular and reusable HTML. They can even be hosted with Github Pages. Let's talk about leveraging Jekyll for small and easy to maintain sites.

To get the most out of this talk you'll want to have an understanding of HTML/CSS.

Newcomers to static site generators are welcome!

Session takeaways: 

In this talk you’ll learn:

1. The basics of using a static site generator like Jekyll
2. How to resuse common parts of your site
3. Tips on maintaining and updating your static site

Eric Paxton

Eric has been doing web development since 2007. He has worked on mobile and web applications in a variety of industries, including government and nonprofit. He is currently a senior front end engineer at ThinkShout in Portland, OR. He is passionate about music and has a bit of a record collection.